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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2021-05-25 @ 19:18


  2. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-05-04 @ 22:03

    How to build your Ideal Customer Profile in 2023

    “What is your Ideal Customer Profile?” is one of the first questions I like to ask whenever someone asks me for GTM advice.


  3. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-08-30 @ 20:22

    How to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP)


  4. Peter Gustafsson
    2024-05-05 @ 18:27

    Ideal Customer Profile (3 Things You Need to Know About Creating a GREAT ICP)

    SaaS Companies that have an Ideal Customer Profile have a 68% higher win rate. Early-Stage Companies that have an Ideal Customer Profile are more likely to hit true Product Market Fit and Accelerate Growth.

    Here’s the big question though… What makes for a really great Ideal Customer Profile that actually positively impacts your growth trajectory? In today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode, I’m going to dig into the 3 principles you absolutely need to know on building a GREAT Ideal Customer Profile.


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