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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2021-03-30 @ 19:37


  2. Peter Gustafsson
    2022-09-16 @ 08:08

    Most intro calls with prospects suck.

    • No sense of urgency
    • You bore them with a demo
    • They sound eager, so you rush
    • You don’t determine next steps
    • No rapport, so they don’t open up
    • You don’t ask qualifying questions

    The pain primer solves all of it.

    When they book the call, you ask them to take 60s to answer 3 questions.

    PDF, typeform, questions on the calendly — doesn’t matter.

    This way you can focus on what they care about.

    And won’t waste a minute of their time.

    They WILL do it because it benefits them.

    The First Question:

    List 10-15 pain points an ideal prospect might have.

    These are symptoms of problems you solve.

    Have them check any that applies to them.

    Make them:
    – Exhaustive
    – Short and to the point
    – From the prospect’s POV — not the business’s

    This list opens your prospect’s eyes to the many ways you can help.

    And enables them to understand the full scope of their problem.

    It primes them for the conversation.

    Painting you as the expert.

    Showing them, they NEED you.

    The Second Question:

    How much time and money do they think these problems cost them each year?

    Suddenly, they’re valuing the price of their struggles.

    You’re twisting the knife in their pain.

    And learning how much it’s worth.

    The Third Question:

    On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are they to solve these problems?

    Anything below a 5, follow up and ask why they want a meeting.

    Make them convince YOU that this is worth both of your time.

    Unmotivated buyers don’t buy.

    So don’t bother.

    Once you’re on the call, use their answers to lead an open, vulnerable, and honest discovery call.

    – Get them to explain their answers.
    – Ask for examples of each pain point.
    – Find out how they’re trying to solve these problems now.
    – And why those attempts haven’t worked.

    Done right, they will paint a vivid picture of their pain.

    Describing in detail why they need your help.

    And how valuable your help is to them.

    Giving you the chance to explain how you deliver it to solve their problems.

    The pain primer:

    – Rapid discovery before the call
    – Guarantees no wasted time
    – Twists the knife in their pain
    – Shows your expertise
    – Estimates their pain
    – Guides your call
    – Builds trust

    Your secret weapon.

    I learned the pain primer from

    He’s hands down the BEST sales trainer I know.

    His group coaching program is pure gold.

    If you need to sell better, talk to him.


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