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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-10-10 @ 19:47

    The article emphasizes the critical role of champions in B2B sales, highlighting that the success of business deals often hinges on having the right champion. It points out that over 90% of B2B buying decisions occur without sales representatives present, emphasizing the importance of champions who advocate for your product within their organizations.

    The article distinguishes between three types of individuals encountered in the sales process: friends, coaches, and champions. Friends may like your product but lack the ability to drive internal decisions, potentially hindering progress. Coaches provide guidance but might not take the necessary internal risks to become champions. Champions, on the other hand, are individuals who not only believe in your product but also have the capacity to mobilize their organization, drive internal consensus, and facilitate decision-making.

    The ideal champion possesses various qualities, including communication skills, accessibility, visionary leadership, insights into business problems, networking abilities, strategic execution, motivation, and a willingness to take risks.

    The article provides tests to determine whether a potential contact is a suitable champion, such as asking for small favors, creating a joint success plan, identifying potential obstacles, and more. It advises sales professionals to identify champions early and nurture long-term relationships with them.

    The importance of finding champions varies based on the target audience, with certain departments or roles being more likely to have effective champions. Finally, the article emphasizes the value of long-term relationships with champions who may change companies but remain valuable contacts in the B2B sales landscape.


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