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Peter Gustafsson – the manual

Here are some clues on how to work with me…
but I’m also very flexible and used to adapt to others.

My Style

I laugh a lot and think it should be fun to work together. But don’t doubt my ambition and will to do what’s needed to succeed.

I have no hidden agenda. If you’re unsure of my intentions, let’s clarify that upfront.

I think my strength is to combine a strategic perspective with substantial actings here and now. I have a hard time with ”mid-distance topics” that are neither relevant to the long-term strategy nor possible to execute here and now.

I love to solve problems and find new ways forward. And to argue for my take on things. Not to be right (even if I am, I’m happy to change my standpoint), but I think it might be worth the effort to get to the bottom of the problem.

I’m happy to argue about things I find essential, but I’m always committed after a decision is made. On to the next item on the agenda.

I’m empathic and trained to see things from another person’s perspective, but my ”social radar” isn’t well-calibrated. I have a hard time reading between the lines. So be as direct as possible with your expectations.

I’m happy to receive and give candid feedback. Ask for it when you feel it’s needed, and give it straight to me when I deserve it.

I’ll always be kind of naive (I see that as a positive trait). Therefore I expect everyone to do their absolute best and do the things they commit to. I rarely remind people of importance or deadlines. Still, I get very disappointed when things are late and not of the quality I expected.

What I value

Those who get shit done.

Those that are driven by curiosity and a will to try new ways.

Those who want to grow together with and intentionally builds their team.

What I have a hard time with

Surprises. I hate them. I know things will go sideways. But I want a heads up so we can work together to address them. All setbacks can be turned into opportunities, but the sooner we understand what happened, the better.

Bullshit. I’ve been around the block a few times and heard most excuses. And when someone blames their team instead of just owning a mistake. 

Come to think of it, I hate most excuses.

How to best communicate with me

If you want me to take action. Drop me an email. Be brief and clear on what you want me to do, and I’ll get straight to it.

Mail is also best for reports or reflections that you want me to read. To write well is an excellent way to clarify your thoughts as well as convincing others.

Slack, SMS and similar channels work well for daily dialogues.

Feedback or more sensitive questions are better to handle IRL or in a Zoom call. But if you need to discuss something urgently, you can call anytime on 0733-304000. If I don’t answer, just follow up with an SMS.

I have many things on my mind and might drop something. Just remind me!

How to help me?

When things go well, I’m happy to be hands-off. Regular status or quarterly reports are helpful to keep me in the loop. Also, help me get up-to-speed when you need help. I can misinterpret the situation, so be precise. And then, we can focus on the issue at hand.

Time management

Most people think I’m working 24/7. I don’t. I’m flexible and can do work at 05:00 or 23:00. But I can also take a few days off. This means I can change priorities and focus on things that are important and demand 100% focus. But also that I skip things that I don’t have to do. I try to keep my calendar as open as possible to help out at short notice.