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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2021-12-04 @ 20:34

    En annan variant här:

    The #1 question across all our social channels is: What is your setup?

    So with Xmas coming up here is the setup that was used to build a $0 to $25M business from 0 to 120 people all remotely from my home. Obviously, with help from my colleagues at #WinningbyDesign such as Dan Smith, Dominique etc etc.

    A 10″x12″ Studio-shed I had built. Xfinity package with VZ/ATT LTE back-up. APC battery to power the entire setup for 20mins in case of a power failure.

    Mac M1- $ for $ best performing work from the home computer – hands-down

    2-LG 29″ wide-screen monitors are set up in a way that it creates a 2-camera angle experience with 1 camera (center between the 2 monitors). E.g. camera is set but if I share my screen I look to either LEFT or RIGHT giving a different camera angle ”feel”

    Streamdeck – operates my M1 at push-button speed: Single push-to-end conference calls, switch camera angles, launch a website etc.

    RodeCaster Pro – Although intended for PODcasters, I use this to mix multiple audio sources, love the feel of of it, buttons with music samples make any session come ALIVE.

    Movable table: The entire setup can go from sitting to standing on a single pole. I bought it at an office furniture scrapyard and simply mounted an IKEA kitchen countertop on it.

    OBS software allows me to create a video feed for my web sessions that overlays videos etc. Combine with Streamdeck + Rodecaster this allows me to do my ”shows”

    – A large drop-down greenscreen (like 12″) so I can get a wide camera angle.
    – 2 LED floodlights (otherwise it gets too hot) + a face front light. The window often gives me natural light.

    – Momentum/plug-in as my browser home – Makes me happy. I have links/status updates. EP!C
    – Magnets/plug-in moves/formats my browsers where I need them.

    – Corner of my eye-left: Calendar
    – Left/center – slack
    – Left/research – OBS angle 1… where I share what I am googling etc.

    – Central right/production (OBS zooms in on the area between the markers on my screen anything in that window is what the viewer will see (use magnets to normalize every time)
    – Corner of my eye-right: Music channel, I go from EDM to Hans Zimmer

    TOTAL SETUP COST: $5500 (remember this is my livelihood)
    M1 $1,200 2 Monitors $800 Streamdeck $200 Rodecaster $600 Camera $150 Micbeam Frameworks Mic AKG $400 Lights $500 total. Table $350 + desktop $150. Soundsystem Bose $800. Green screen $180.

    QUESTIONS? Can I help? I will monitor my comments for the next 5 days.

    PS: I added a MOBILE VAN office this year but that’s for another time.. perhaps more suited for a video experience.

    Love ~jacco.

    #workfromhome #innovation #toolstack


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