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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2022-05-05 @ 06:42


  2. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-01-09 @ 17:16

    A sales playbook is a key tool for B2B #SaaS founders.

    But how do you make one? It’s a lot easier to get started than you’d think.

    Open a Notion or google doc and answer the following four questions.

    1. Who do we serve? (Ideal Customer Profile)
    2. How do we create value for customers?
    3. What factors have helped us win deals in the past?
    4. How do we reach prospects in the ICP group?

    All the stuff you don’t know goes under a 5th headline:
    5. What do we need to learn?

    To unpack how you create value for customers, answer these four questions:
    1. What problems are we trying to solve for customers?
    2. What tangible ROI do we deliver to customers($)?
    3. What are the 2-3 reasons why prospects should want to do this right now (not in 6 months)?
    4. How do we measure customer value to ensure customer success?

    The founders make v0. Once you have some numbers on the board, hire a sales lead to refine the playbook.

    Keep iterating. And keep selling. Because in startup land, sales solve (nearly) all problems.


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