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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-01-07 @ 08:40

    Two startup observations on partnerships and selling through the #channel.

    1) Founders often try to sell through partners rather than use a direct sales force out of the gate. Yet, this approach is rarely successful. It is hard enough to iterate and optimize your messaging and sales process when the people involved work for your company. It is next to impossible when you try to execute that learning through a channel. Even if you ultimately want to sell through the channel, use a direct sales force initially to accelerate through the necessary GTM learnings.

    2) Startups progressing into the scale phase don’t embrace the channel because they are afraid of channel conflict. Once the sales process and messaging is established, in many contexts the channel represents a source of more efficient customer acquisition economics and a high potential for sustainable moat defensibility. It’s a little complicated but worth the investment.

    Barrett King, Sr. Manager of Global Partnership at HubSpot and Accelerator LP at Stage 2 Capital, is an excellent thought leader to learn from on these topics. Tune into his new podcast, #Partnerships in SaaS, below.

    Barrett King – Partnerships in SaaS


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