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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2022-07-13 @ 17:29

    Consumer marketers are often tapping into a range of emotions (status, self-worth, love, acceptance). In B2B, the grandaddy of emotions is fear. Fear of making a bad decision and the consequences of making a mistake. Fear of looking stupid.


  2. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-03-07 @ 08:22

    So, get RISK out on the table early in your discussions with prospective buyers. Ask your buyers direclty:

    • – How do you assess risk and the viablility of certain projects against one another?
    • – How will your C-suite look to measure risk versus reward? (cost/benefit analysis?)? Hurdle rate? NPV? IRR? RoR? Time-to-Value? What’s the key metric that we need to address to move this forward?
    • – How do you typically assign probabilities to a range of outcomes?
    • – Are you amenable to co-creating an explicit risk assessment as part of this process?
    • – What can I do to help you mitigate perceived risk (and never underestimate the ’personal risk’ element and your sponsors own career implications).

    A great salesperson in 2023 will address all of this up front before wasting time and company resource with a #riskaverse buyer.


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