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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    2023-04-17 @ 17:31

    Summary: In this article, the author discusses the importance of effective deal reviews in improving the success rate of sales teams. They argue that deal reviews should be viewed as a tool for learning, rather than a means of punishment, and that they should be conducted in a way that encourages open and honest communication.

    The article provides a number of tips for conducting effective deal reviews, including the use of standardized questions based on a sales methodology, such as MEDDIC or MEDDPICC. These questions should be tailored to the specific needs of the sales team, and should focus on key areas such as decision criteria, economic buyers, and competition.

    In addition to standardized questions, the article recommends that deal reviews should be conducted on a regular basis, ideally weekly, to ensure that the team stays on track and that any issues can be addressed in a timely manner. The review process should also be collaborative, with input from both the salesperson and their manager, as well as other members of the team where appropriate.

    The author stresses the importance of creating a safe and non-judgmental environment for deal reviews, where salespeople can feel comfortable sharing both their successes and their challenges. This can be achieved through active listening, empathy, and a focus on finding solutions rather than assigning blame.

    Overall, the article encourages sales teams to view deal reviews as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than a source of stress or anxiety. By using standardized questions, conducting regular reviews, and creating a collaborative and supportive environment, sales teams can improve their success rates and achieve their goals more consistently.


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